NEW REPORT: Millennial Jobs Most Likely to be Replaced by Robots

In a nation that is quickly adopting AI, automation, and robotics to replace workers, a new Gallup report titled “3 Trends that will Disrupt Your Workplace Forever” finds that Millennials are at the highest risk of being replaced by Artificial Intelligence. The report finds that 37% of millennials are at risk of being replaced by robots as compared to 32% for the next two older generations. 

The reasons behind the higher risk for Millennials are due to:

  •  Millennials are disproportionately more likely to hold positions that will one day be replaced by AI.
  • According to some employers, Millennials expect instant gratification and fast success, leading them to switch jobs at a much higher rate than other generations. (training can be very expensive with high turnover)
  •  Millennials are not developing the education and skill set to stand apart from the large pool of typically qualified workers in their generation, and not working to move up into irreplaceable positions.

robots replacing millennials

This is a scary trend happening all over the developed world and could spell disaster for the younger generations. Another reason why it’s so important as parents to help prepare our kids with skills they can use. The more real life skills and experience our children develop, the greater the chance of standing out in a sea of average fish. 

If kids are prepared with real life skills, they will have more time and a better foundation as young adults to grow professionally.

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