9 Naturally Awesome Products for Babies and Toddlers

It’s hard enough trying to find the right products to give to your kids, much less finding products that are natural with no weird or fake ingredients.  As a parent, we are bombarded with a million different decisions about what to give our babies and toddlers.  So, to save time and give other new parents ideas on what to use, here is my list of 9 naturally awesome products for babies and toddlers.

Coconut Oil

My son gets spots of eczema sometimes on his legs.  It would take a few weeks to clear up with normal lotion but since we started using the coconut oil, it clears up in just days.  This stuff is great not only for your skin but also for healthy cooking.  Make sure to buy the 100% extra virgin, unrefined if using on your skin as the refined oil is more for cooking.  You can buy this at any grocery store or Target in the cooking oil isle.  NOTE: Always test a super small amount on your kid’s skin just to check for allergies.  Don’t put a bunch of it on without testing it first!

Naturally Awesome Products for babies and toddlers

Baby Healing Lotion

Another great lotion that we’ve been using for dry skin is baby healing lotion. It smells good and works well for dry skin, especially dryness caused by wiping a runny nose.  This is sold at Nutrition’s Mart, and Target.

Jason Kids Only Shampoo

One of my favorites!  No tear shampoo that is safe for babies and lasts a really long time.  It’s all natural, smells like bubblegum, and doesn’t have any of the nasty ingredients or artificial colors that most shampoos have.  We use this as shampoo and body wash for our little man.  Sold at your local Nutrition’s Mart.

So Cozy Behave Styling Gel

Gotta make your kid look fly.  This hair gel will make your kid look so cute you’ll momentarily forget about the demon spawn that they are.  Not sure if this is completely all natural but it leaves out nasty things like parabens, sulfates, fake colors, gluten, wheat, and nuts for those with allergies.  It isn’t cheap but well worth it.  You might have to find a salon that carries this as it’s not sold at most local stores.  We bought ours at the kid’s haircut place in downtown Palm Beach Gardens.

Naturally Awesome Products for babies and toddlers

Babyganics Mineral Based Sunscreen

Like the styling gel above, this sunscreen also excludes a lot of bad ingredients.  It’s mineral based, and playground and beach tested in 90+ degree weather.  It works so well that now I use it.  Sold at your local Target.

No-See-Um Natural Insect Repellent

All natural insect repellent that does not have deet or any fake ingredients.  It uses natural oils like lemongrass and citronella to repel bugs.  Putting poison that kills things (deet) on your child’s skin is probably not a good idea.  This insect repellent is sold at Target with similar more expensive versions sold at Nutrition’s Mart.

Cold and Cough

Naturally Awesome Products for babies and toddlers

Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Cough Syrup

This is all natural cough syrup made from honey.  Honey is one of nature’s remedies for sore throats and coughs and does not contain any synthetic colors or ingredients, or alcohol.  They also have a night time version that helps with sleep.  Purchased at Target.  NOTE: Only give this to kids older than 1 year.

Little Remedies Saline Drops

All natural (just salt water) drops that help unclog noses and kill bacteria.  Just a couple of drops in each nostril will do.  Sometimes this can be a little difficult when your kid is upset and knows karate…  This can be found at any pharmacy and you can even get the bigger saline sprays if your little one is old enough.

Vicks VapoPads

We all know about Vicks rub, but now they have little vapopads that come with a plug in night light.  Plug this puppy in and insert a pad and the whole room will smell like Vicks for 8 hours.  Works great when my toddler gets sick and has a clogged nose.  My son sleeps better and doesn’t cough as much with it plugged in.  Just follow the instructions on the package.  Purchase this at any pharmacy like Walgreen’s or Target.

Do you have any recommendations or ideas on other naturally awesome products for babies and toddlers?  Please leave a comment below.  Don’t forget to follow all instructions and recommendations on the labels of these products. Thanks for reading and please subscribe for more great tips and tricks!

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