How to Make any Recipe Gluten Free

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I had a lady tell me not too long ago that if my blog had gluten free or organic recipes, then she would check it out. Actually, most recipes can be gluten free or organic by substituting gluten foods with gluten free or organic ingredients. Non-organic foods are pretty easy to replace with organic labeled foods in recipes. However, avoiding gluten can sometimes be a little confusing. Here is a quick list of gluten free ingredients that can be used to make any recipe gluten free.

  • Pasta – Now that gluten free is more mainstream, pasta makers now offer a variety of different pasta made from corn, beans, or rice. I love using the super thin rice noodles found in the Asian food section in Publix to make a variety of different dishes from Thai to Italian. You can also use veggies like squash to make pasta-like noodles.
  • Bread – Use Udi’s gluten free bread found in the freezer section at the grocery store. Although it’s a little expensive, it’s great for making toast, garlic toast, sandwiches, and bread crumbs. I also found gluten free pizza crust at Publix! You can always make your own bread at home but the Udi’s is pretty good and will save you a lot of time. Breadcrumbs can easily be made out of crushed cornflakes, Udi’s bread, or millet croutons.
  • Flour – Here’s where it gets interesting. Wheat flour has long been used to thicken soups, make roux for sauces, make pastry and pancake mixes, bake breads, and more. There are multiple different types of gluten free flour made from corn, rice, nuts, and other grains. However, some are better than others depending on what you’re making and most gluten free experts mix several together for the best results. King Arthur Flour makes a gluten free flour mix using white and brown rice, and tapioca and potato starch. It comes premixed and is highly recommended by my sister who is 100% gluten free.

Avoid recipes that call for pre-made ingredients like a can of soup for crock pot meals or box meals that might have been cross contaminated with gluten. Don’t get hung up on following every recipe exactly. Experiment with different ingredients to find what you like. The more you make, the more you will find what you like. Check out the links below for gluten free recipes along with information to help you with your cooking endeavors. Thanks for reading!

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