Hidden Ways You’re Wasting Money on House Cleaning

The article is contributed by Anna Aamone who runs TenancyCleaners Fulham

Do you often check your money balance only to realize you have been wasting money on unnecessary stuff? Does house cleaning eat up half of your budget? Maybe you are doing all the wrong things. Down below we have put together 7 hidden ways you are wasting money on cleaning. Check it out.

Falling for Brand Names

Generic versions of big brand names have been very underrated. You don’t have to buy expensive cleaners; sometimes their affordable counterparts are as good and efficient. One way to find out whether a store or generic brand is a better pick is to compare the labels. If the same ingredients are listed on the two bottles, then you don’t have to spend money on a costly brand name product. Just go for its generic version and you will be fine.

Using Store-bought Cleaners

Shopping for cleaners means shopping for unneeded chemicals. Not only are you wasting money on dangerous and sometimes toxic products, but you are jeopardizing your health. You want to restrict the use of harmful ingredients around the home. The best way to go is to switch over to making your own cleaners. There are thousands of recipes online that use natural and inexpensive ingredients. Going for homemade cleaners will save you money and time as well as protect your health.

Wasting Money on House Cleaning

All purpose cleaner can replace buying several different products.

Having Too Many Cleaners

Sometimes a good old all-purpose cleaner can be a perfect replacement for your kitchen cleaner, tile cleaner, bathroom cleaner, etc. Why use so many products? Buying an all-purpose cleaner will save money and storage space.

Having Too Much of a Cleaner

Let’s face it, we all like hoarding all sorts of stuff but that only ends up blowing our budget. As far as cleaners are concerned, you may be surprised to find how little you actually need. Yes, buying a huge bottle of bathroom cleaner from the thrift store might be a deal to die for, but it is totally unnecessary to buy 5 bathroom cleaners at a time if you don’t need that many in this moment. Even though they may last you for months, you still risk overspending. Remember, buy only one product at a time.

Spraying a Surface Directly Instead of Spraying Your Cloth/Sponge

Many people tend to apply a cleaning solution directly onto the surface they want to clean. However, this is a waste of product. Always spray your cloth or sponge, then wipe down the surface with it. You will end up using less product and stretch your cleaner to last you a few more weeks. And that means spending less money on cleaning supplies.

Using Paper Towel and Disposable Cloths

Paper towels are very handy for many household situations, however, using too much paper towel or disposable cloths is another great way to waste money on cleaning. We recommend you restrict the use of paper towels to cleaning your toilet, which is a captor of germs. Using rags or cloths can spread bacteria from your bathroom to other parts of your home. To avoid cross-contamination, you want to stick with disposable cloths or paper towels when cleaning that area.

Wasting Money on House Cleaning

Use paper towels to clean the toilet only, and cloth rags for everything else.

Buying a New Cleaner Every Time You Are Running Low

Don’t replenish your cleaning solutions before you use the last ounce of them. What happens if you buy a new product before you use up all you have? You start using it right away. You ditch the old cleaner, nevertheless you can still use it. You forget about it until one day you go through your cleaning supplies and you stumble across the old bottle of cleaner. You decide you don’t need it since it’s too little and it won’t suffice. You throw it out. Congratulations! You just wasted a good amount of money. How many bottles of cleaners or other products have you thrown away before the due time?

We hope that reading this article has clued you in on how you can save on house cleaning rather than waste extra money. Spend your cash wisely. Thanks for reading!


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