What’s Really in my Son’s Juice Box?

What's Really in that Juice Box? As I was drinking the free juice box that came with my son’s meal, I started to wonder. What’s in it? Where did it come from? And where did they get the water to make the juice? I’ve been very cautious about what I give my family since my son was born, trying to avoid the controversial artificial foods and gmo produce. It’s scary to think about the bad things some companies put in their products. But I believe it ultimately boils down to the consumer being responsible about what they consume. In other words, it’s up to ME to know what I’m eating. So, I decided to do some parental detective work on one of the larger juice companies and this is what I found.

I called and spoke to a nice lady at Minute Maid who answered my questions and was very helpful. They clearly have nothing to hide and want you to know what ingredients they use. I did find some interesting information during and after the phone call that made me think twice about drinking this stuff, or giving it to a child.

First off, I wouldn’t give the little ones juice if they are under 2. Besides a massive amount of sugar that I believe effects behavior and rots teeth, there are all kinds of pesticides and chemicals found within the juice. Organic juice helps but doesn’t reduce the sugar. According to the FDA, testing has shown up to 47 different pesticide residues on a single normal apple! But that’s not all folks. The apples come from other countries which may or may not be regulated according to our standards. Tons of chemicals and unknown origins just for the apples. What about the water used to make the juice?

The representative explained that the juice box came from their Waco, Texas plant using water from the local town utilities. After a quick search, I found the Waco Utilities website, which listed how they purified their water and the chemical additives. Besides the pesticides already found in the apples, the local utility company also adds Fluoride to the water. The same stuff they say not to swallow in tooth paste, and the same chemical that’s surrounded by controversy when added to water.

What's Really in that Juice Box?

It begs the question, if organic juice makers get their water from cities that add fluoride, is it still considered organic? Also check out the word Chloramines (as seen in the photo above) for an interesting read. Again, Minute Maid is not doing anything wrong or illegal. It’s just important to know what you’re eating and they can answer any questions if you’re not sure.


Limit the amount of juice/sugar drinks you give your kids. Try making your own juice at home. Research the food producers you buy from, use common sense when purchasing, and always try to buy organic if it’s available and reasonably priced. Cheers to your family’s health. Thanks for reading!


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