A Safe Natural Weed Killer Alternative to Roundup

It’s a big red flag to me when several countries raise concerns and attempt to ban a chemical. The FDA’s standards about giving chemicals the green light for residential use is questionable at best. So when there’s a safe alternative readily available, I don’t hesitate to give it a try. And that’s what my friend and expert landscaper Rudy Kirchner has done. He makes all natural weed killer that works just as well as Roundup and without the controversial chemical that multiple countries around the world are trying to ban. Check out this video to see this all natural weed killer in action!

When it comes to protecting my family, limiting the amount of nasty chemicals they are exposed to falls under that category. Plus it’s much safer for the environment and the ground water underneath.  To grab a jug of this awesome natural weed killer, please check out Rudy Kirchner’s info below!

Rudy Kirchner – 772-321-4212



weed killer Port St Lucie

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weed killer Port St Lucie

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