Smart Phone App From Homey Helps Parents Teach Hard Work Ethic and Financial Lessons

A major reason I became a writer is because of the challenges young people are facing from being unprepared for real life. Whether financially or emotionally, being prepared for what comes after graduation can make all the difference in the world. So when I see a tool to help parents teach financial responsibility, consistency in chores, and earning through hard work, I’m going to check it out. Homey Labs has created a smart phone app that does just that. It teaches kids hard work and accountability, something young people seem to be lacking in this age. 

Homey App to help with chores

The app allows you to synchronize chores and responsibilities through all of your family’s devices. You can also delegate tasks to each family member, assign custom rewards such as money, and have your kids take a picture of the completed chore when they’re done. Just recently they added direct access to your bank account to make transferring money easy and help your kids learn about saving. It’s a pretty useful app for keeping your family’s chores and responsibilities on track while you teach your kids the meaning of hard work.

homey app

Now as a parent, I don’t pay my kid money for doing chores, and the Homey app has options to not pay, or pay out special virtual coins that can be redeemed for other non monetary rewards. The app is really easy for all ages and I had no problems putting it to use. For parents of teens and older kids, or if you have a large family, this app could provide a very easy way to teach hard work ethic while keeping the house squeaky clean. One really cool feature is that you can leave chores unassigned so that any of your kids can complete it, possibly creating competition between siblings to get chores done faster. Check out the links below to download as they have a free version, and in-app purchases for more advanced features.

Check out and download the Homey App here

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