DIY Magnetic Alphabet Board for your Toddler

Toddler magnetic alphabet board

Here is a quick How-To on making a magnetic alphabet board for your Toddler. This is not so much a make it project, but rather a buy it and put it together project. The hard part for me was finding the right materials that met all of my crazy, OCD requirements. There are a billion and 1  boards out there, so here is what I looked for:

  • Must be magnetic to stick letters to.
  • Must also be a white board to draw on with dry erase markers.
  • No sharp metal frame or marker holders that could cut my toddler.
  • Must hang on wall to conserve space.
  • Must be big enough to hold all letters but small enough not to hurt if it falls.
  • Must be able to hang a basket for storage while not in use.
  • Must be sold in stores so I can check it out in person before buying.

Magnetic Alphabet Board

After months of careful planning and research(yeah right), I finally found the right board. You should be able to get everything including the letters for under 20 bucks, depending on what letters you buy of course. Here’s what you need:

17 x 24 inch magnetic white board with wood frame, usually in stock at walmart (click here for link)

Magnetic metal storage basket usually in stock at Staples (click here for link)

Toddler magnetic alphabet board

I couldn’t find the link to the basket on Staple’s website but it is exactly the same as the one on Amazon. Don’t forget to hang this eye level with your toddler so they can reach it. You can find magnetic letters at Target, Walmart, Walgreens and Toys R Expensive. Get the bigger letters that are close to 2 inches to avoid a choking hazard if your toddler is a taster. That’s it! Go over the magnetic alphabet board everyday to ensure a head start for your little one’s development. 

Thanks for reading!

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