Is Teaching my Toddler to Pick his Nose a Good Idea…or not so much?

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Trying to get boogers makes Ollie not so happy :(

You might be asking yourself why I would consider this idea. Yes it’s because I am crazy, but also the fact that when my little man gets a cold, his nose gets clogged. If the wife and I make any attempt to go near his nose, my adorable baby man turns into a crazed, kill or be killed, ninja warrior. Seriously, it quickly turns into a kung fu movie scene. He gets such a clogged nose and has trouble breathing, but counters every move I make, like he’s been training with Mr. Miyagi. So, being the the logically insane dad that I am…and for your entertainment, I will weigh the pros and cons of this idea.


  • No longer will retrieving boogers turn into a scene from the Hunger Games.
  • My Ollie man will be able to clear his nose whenever he needs to.
  • Better he learn it from his loving parents than on the streets.
But he's so cute!

But he’s so cute!


  • It could be impossible to teach a toddler to pick his nose, although my little man is pretty smart.
  • I definitely don’t like finding boogies on things, but this might be inevitable when he’s older.
  • He could develop a habit of always having his fingers in his nose, especially in public
  • Or worse, he could do that whole pick and eat thing! Yuck!


Ok, so according to the results, I should probably wait and let him figure it out on his own. Being that he picks up on things so fast, I’m sure it won’t be long until he does anyways. Maybe I will discuss it with my wife, who will probably laugh at me and call me crazy. Am I crazy for thinking about this? What are your thoughts?

**Update**  Out of no where Ollie just started blowing his nose! I’ve tried teaching this to him many times but he never really did it.  Of course he doesn’t use a tissue…but we’ll work on that. 

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