6 Outdoor Games That Will Keep Your Toddler Busy

My kid can seriously go through a different activity every 30 seconds. As we all know with toddlers, if you don’t have them doing something, they’ll be doing something you don’t want. So I try and think of fun games using a minimal amount of toys and money. Here are 6 games that my little man loves to play outside.

Note: Its hot out there. Make sure to drink plenty of water, take breaks often, and use sunscreen! 

  1.  WaterBall – All you need is a hose with a spray gun, a blow up ball, and two cones or objects as goals. My son was blasting the ball through the cones for an hour while watering the plants at the same time. Win!
  2. Sidewalk Chalk Basketball – You’ll need a small basketball and goal, and sidewalk chalk. I made different shapes around the basketball goal and put a number inside each going from 1 to 5 points. If my toddler made the shot from the shape, he would get the points inside. You can make a cool basketball obstacle course by telling your toddler what shapes to shoot from or different spins before a slam dunk. It makes for a really fun way to learn shapes and numbers.
  3. Paper Airplane Building – This is a fun activity for the older toddlers and kids. If your little one is too young to fold paper, you can easily make the plane for them and have them launch it. Check out easy directions for different airplanes at this link and make sure to buy stickers to decorate the planes and keep their attention longer. 
  4. Big Wheel Obstacle Course – This can be used with a big wheel or any steerable vehicle your toddler rides. Make a track using random objects and chalk to follow a course around your driveway where your toddler can avoid obstacles and knock things down.
  5. 52 Car Pickup – This is one of my toddler’s favorite outdoor games. You need a small wagon, big wheel, or ride on vehicle. Then place other vehicles or objects on a path so your toddler can pick them up without stopping. This works well on downhill driveways or you can place a piece of plywood on a brick to make your own launch pad.
  6. Big Wheel Slalom – For the ultra competitive, future olympian toddlers, this activity requires a big wheel or other steerable vehicle and a set of cones (available at hobby lobby and party stores) or other objects that can be used as cones. Place the cones equal distances apart and draw a chalk line for the path they should follow. Works well on downhill driveways or a slanted plywood launch pad. And when I say plywood launch pad, I mean a slightly angled piece of wood that your toddler can role down on their big wheel. 
Outdoor Games for Toddlers

Ollie Playing Sidewalk Chalk Basketball

Sometimes the best games are the ones you create, not buy. If you have suggestions or comments about the games you play, I would love to hear them. Please leave a comment below make sure to subscribe for more great stuff for parents!

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