Sippy Cups: the Good, the Bad, and the Leaky

This is NOT a specific sippy cup review but rather general guidelines and tips on choosing the best sippy cup for your little ones. My wife and I went through several different types of sippy cups trying to find the right one that was not only easy to use and clean, but was also safe for our son’s teeth. Below I will list the 3 most common styles of sippy cups along with the pros and cons of each.

Sippy Cup with Spout

Sippy Cups

Common Sippy Cup with Spout


  • Most common
  • Cheapest cost
  • Easiest to dismantle and clean
  • Most are dishwasher safe
  • Most leak a little depending on which one you get

The spout pushes on your child’s teeth as they suck. Many doctors say this can lead to crooked teeth, tooth decay, and possibly even speech problems!


Final Verdict: Use minimally or avoid altogether! Some doctors are saying these can lead to huge problems for your child later on.

Sippy Cup with Straw

Sippy Cup with Straw

If you love being angry, buy this!


  • Better for teeth and development
  • Some are well designed and leak proof


  • Pain in the bunghole to clean
  • Easy to grow mold inside parts unless you’re really thorough at cleaning
  • Some have ridiculously small parts to keep track of
  • My new dishwasher loves melting the cheap plastic straws
  • Straws are sometimes challenging for babies and toddlers
  • Higher priced than sippy cups with spouts
Sippy Cup Brush

 I will never own anything that requires this brush to clean it!

Final Verdict: I tried a few different styles but for me, these were just too difficult to clean and too many parts to keep track of. They are good if you don’t mind the extra work and hand cleaning, and if you only put water in them.

No Spout Sippy Cup

Sippy Cup 360 degree

Munchkin Miracle 360 found at Target


  • Few parts to clean and keep track of
  • Safe for teeth and development
  • Priced similar to straw cups
  • Helps get your child get use to regular cups


  • Might be difficult for your child to learn
  • Can occasionally be leaky

Final Verdict: My son’s cup of choice. These cups have few parts and can be dismantled and loaded into the dishwasher in about 5 seconds. While it took my son a few tries to get the hang of it, now he drinks like a pro.

Sippy Cup no spout

Nuk Gerber Graduates Advanced found at Target

Final Tips

  • Insulated cups are better at keeping drinks cold for longer
  • Avoid giving your baby and toddler juice for as long as possible
  • A lot of cups leak if in the right position or on their side
  • Look for sippy cups that are BPA free
  • Avoid buying expensive cups as they wear out fast and take a lot of abuse
  • Always inspect your cups as they can grow mold in hidden spots
  • Use the “smell” check to determine if a dry sippy cup is thoroughly clean

I hope this helps with your Sippy making decisions. Please leave a comment below with your opinion or experiences, I would love to hear them! Thanks for reading!

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