Should Kids Get Paid for Chores?

A recent study by genius scientists said that giving your kids chores is beneficial for them as they become adults.  What a revelation! What’s next, a study that shows breathing may help people live longer? It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that teaching kids to take care of the same things they will have to manage as adults will help prepare them for adulthood. But the more important questions we should be asking is:  What age should we start them, and should they get paid for chores?

In my 2nd book Entitle Me Not, I go into detail about when to start your children with chores and what chores are appropriate for their age.  There are several charts floating around the internet to help parents determine the right age. Attached below is a limited chart not near as complete as the one in my latest book Entitle Me Not. But the more difficult question plaguing parents is whether or not kids should be paid to do chores.

Pro and Cons

While paying for chores teaches kids about earning and managing money in a limited capacity, it might send the wrong idea about what it takes to successfully run a household. In my books, I always recommend to give your child similar experiences to what adulthood will provide. And we all know as adults that no one will pay you to do your own chores. Paying kids for chores might also teach kids to wait until they’re paid instead of doing it when it needs done, and that can lead to bad habits and neglect of your responsibility.

should kids get paid for chores

My Verdict

I don’t pay my kid for chores and don’t recommend it. The exception is if they want to do chores that are not normal to their routine. Doing laundry, dishes, and cleaning your bedroom and bathroom is the price you pay for living in your parents house. But things like cleaning the gutters, doing other people’s chores, repairs on the house, and changing the car oil can be paid on. Don’t get me wrong, the more you can get them to do without pay, the better. However, showing kids the fact that working harder and doing more leads to earning more is great experience for what lies ahead and also helps prevent the entitled attitude. What are your thoughts on paying kids for chores? Please share and comment below. Thanks for reading and like my Facebook page for more helpful articles and resources for parents.   

Entitle Me Not by Dad the Mom


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