5 Tips for Taking Awesome Pics of your Toddler

There’s nothing cuter than a baby or toddler, and capturing that cuteness on camera is even better! That first look, first smile, a certain laugh, or a funny expression that you can share with your family for years to come. So how do you increase your chances of getting those one of a kind pictures?  Here are 5 tips on taking awesome pics of your toddler.
Taking awesome pics of your toddler

1. Check your gear. 

To take great pictures you need a camera that has high resolution, is easily accessible, and can take pictures fast. Most new smart phones have good resolution and all new digital cameras have high resolution capabilities as well. Also check the delay from when you push the button and it actually snaps the pic. Basically, your gear should be on the newer side and easy to grab and shoot.

2. Take a lot of pictures. 

You should have no problem taking great pictures as long as your 1 year old knows how to sit still and pose, right? Maybe if you put a straight jacket on them! When trying to photograph something that moves constantly, you need to take several pictures per shot. I take 4 to 8 pictures within 3 seconds with my iPhone. I usually get 1 or sometimes 2 wow pictures out of those with the rest being blurry or not so great. This is probably the most important tip on here. 

3. Use selfie mode to keep their attention.

Taking awesome pics of your toddler

Picture taken in selfie mode.

kids are drawn to tv and smart phone screens like ants to a picnic. Put your phone in selfie mode so that your little one can see themselves on screen. This will keep their attention long enough to look like they’re posing and get some good pics. This works best in good lighting as the selfie cameras are not as good as the main camera on your smart phone. 

4. Have your camera easily accessible. 

I can get my smart phone out and ready to snap pictures in literally 3 seconds. You never know when your munchkin will start to perform so be ready at all times. Have your camera in your pocket or purse ready for a quick grab. 
Taking awesome pics of your toddler

5. Natural light works best. 

Make sure your light source is not behind your child when taking a picture. Natural indirect sunlight produces the best high-def pics. Standing by a window, under a tree, or by a playground are great sources of indirect light.  

Follow these tips and you will be taking awesome pics of your toddler in no time. Happy shooting!
Taking awesome pics of your toddler

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