Our First Experience Playing with Discovery Toys

At my last networking breakfast I had the pleasure of meeting a very nice lady named JoAnn Teetor who promoted and sold Discovery Toys. I had only heard about Discovery Toys a time or two before but had never looked into them. Come to find out, they have a unique approach to making toys that not only get played with more, but actually grow with your child. Considering that I spend a ton of money on toys for my son that are replaced faster than Taylor Swift’s boyfriends, I was definitely interested. 

Discovery Toys Game

The toy we tried was a game called Raccoon Rumpus. Each player gets a raccoon card to dress up in different outfits. To do this, you must roll the two dice which give a color and a shirt/pants choice. The player then finds a card with the color and clothes combination to put on their raccoon. The first raccoon with 5 outfits wins, but roll the underwear on the dice and you have to start over with 0 outfits.

Discovery Toys Game

It’s a clever game that is great for teaching toddlers about colors, clothing, taking turns, and can add excitement to any family game night. My toddler and wife were chanting “underwear” when it came time for me to roll so that I would have to start over. It was a ton of fun!

Discovery Toys Game

What really added value to this game is that it also doubles as a matching game when you’re ready to change it up. Two games for the price of one. I have to say, I am impressed by what I see at Discovery Toys and look forward to playing with more. My friend’s contact info and website are below if you would like to find out more! Stay tuned for more reviews coming up and please like my Facebook Page and subscribe below.

JoAnn Teetor at Discovery Toys

Direct:  (786) 239-8086

Discovery Toys Website

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