8 Parenting Lessons to Help New SAHD’s

You never stop learning on this journey called fatherhood. The information on how to be a good parent is easily accessible and never-ending. Instead, here’s a list of insider secrets I’ve learned. A quick set of lessons about how things really work, that will have you on the fast track to Dadville. 

Lesson 1: Judging other parents and their kids is a treasured pastime that all parents enjoy sharing.

Lesson 2: Baby wearing is cool and makes you look like a hip father, despite how you may feel.

Lesson 3: If you see a woman breastfeeding, do not stare unless it’s your wife…and then you’re still creepy.

Lesson 4: Story time at the library is not meant for your child’s development, but rather a nice place for parents to chit chat in the background.

Lesson 5: Exploiting your child’s cuteness for your own personal gain is totally awesome.

Lesson 6: There’s the right way to clean and then there’s the easy way.

Lesson 7: The sooner your kid starts talking, the faster they rat you out to mama.

Lesson 8: Potty training sucks. Put it off until your kid’s like 10, or older.

You never know what you’ll learn as a parent! Thank goodness for my wife and the internet or the poop would have literally hit the fan. Please leave a comment or anything I might have forgotten, and please like my Facebook page for more great articles. Thanks for reading!

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