Check out Salt of the Earth Halotherapy and Spa in Stuart

My son and I were recently invited to Salt of the Earth Halotherapy and Spa in downtown Stuart.  The owner Wanda Bresette was really nice, and the spa was amazing! The spa specializes in using pink Himalayan salt to open up your body’s airways and treat a variety of ailments. There is a relaxation room stacked to the ceiling with large blocks of pink salt and a halo machine circulating tiny salt particles throughout. 

Salt of the Earth Halotherapy and Spa

They also offer massages and foot soaks in a relaxing environment with the Halo machine constantly circulating the salt particles in the air. However, what really caught my attention was the kids salt room. While mom and dad relax in the spa, the kids can play in their very own pink salt beach room filled with a ton of natural salt! My little man had a blast playing with the beach toys, digging, and all the while he was breathing the natural salt particles.

Salt of the Earth Halotherapy and Spa

I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed. I put the contact info and website below. For anyone who has allergies, breathing issues, or any reason to want to relax in an absolutely unique spa, make your way over to Salt of the Earth…and don’t forget to bring the kids! 

Phone:      772-266-9961

Address:  422 SW Akron Ave, Stuart, FL 34994


Salt of the Earth Spa

Salt of the Earth Halotherapy and Spa

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