Port St Lucie “PSL Rocks” Treasure Hunt

Dad the Mom will be at Festival Italiano this Saturday with Dream in Colors Princess Spa for a fun rock scavenger hunt! Rocks will be hidden all over the festival and redeemed for prizes! Stop by at the PSL Civic Center after 12pm to participate!

Welcome to the Dad the Mom and Tooth Ahoy PSL Rocks Treasure Hunt!  We write books for parents and children to help teach good habits with health, finances, business, and child raising! The details on how to participate are below.  Make sure to subscribe to my mailing list for updates and new treasure hunts in the future!

Step 1:  Like our pages on Facebook:

Dad the Mom

Tooth Ahoy: Pirate Pete’s Voyage to Healthy Teeth

Step 2:  Go to these parks to find the MAP Rocks.

Kiwanis Park Playground on Floresta

Hint:  Nobody knows where this rock will hide, but it doesn’t hurt to check under a slide.

Lyngate Park Playground on Lyngate (found!)

Hint:  It’s not by a tree or down in a trench, this map rock is found hidden under a bench.

Step 3:  Follow the directions on the back of the Map Rock to find the Treasure Rock.

port st lucie psl rocks

Step 4:  Once your Treasure Rock is found, post a picture of the rock and map on the PSL Rocks group on Facebook to claim your prize!

Stay tuned for another treasure hunt next weekend!!

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