6 Fun Parenting Hacks to Make Life a little Easier

I’m that guy that has to know how everything works and how I can make it better. Most of the time it blows up in my face. But every now and then, I stumble across something that actually works and makes my parenting life just a little easier, or at least more fun. Here are 6 parenting hacks that do just that.

Post-Meal Hand Washing Hack

When kids learn to eat, they use their hands. That wimpy little cloth or diaper wipe won’t touch half of the stuck on egg, cottage cheese, mushed fruit, or whatever else might be on your kid’s hands. Instead, bring a bowl of water to your child’s seat and wash/submerse their hands until clean. This is way more effective than trying to wipe stuck on food.

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Vacuum Seal Bags Hack

Here’s a nifty trick for making zip lock bags more efficient and keeping your foods fresher, for longer. All you need is a straw, zip lock bag, and food. Check out the video for exact instructions.


DIY Bug Catcher Hack

Here in Florida, and most everywhere, we have annoying little flying insects. I didn’t want to shoot poison spray all over my house. So I built my own fruit fly/mosquito catcher using a bowl, fly paper, and left over fruit. Check out the video for specific instructions.


Monster Bubble Blower Hack

Small bubbles are okay…but as a manly man, I want manly monster bubbles. And my toddler agrees. I came up with a quick hack to build a monster bubble blower in less than a minute. Full instructions are on the video below. This is one of my favorites!


Make You Own Puddles Hack

My son loves him some puddle jumping. Yes, that’s my country voice. This simple trick will keep your toddlers occupied and having fun in the sun without spending big money on a fancy toy store sprinkler. Take your garden hose and circle it around 2 times on your driveway and let her rip! The area inside the hose will fill up with water so your kids can splash and play.

Parenting Hacks


Dangerous but Totally Awesome Homemade Water Slide Hack

Being a garage hoarder allows you to build all kinds of crazy stuff with the junk you find. I found a yoga mat, old water mister, and grabbed my son’s slide to make this awesomely dangerous ride. BTW, tired of the boring slow slides made for kids? Just pour water on them when your child slides (and your wife is not looking) and it will launch your kid into a bright future at the X games, or the back of an ambulance.

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