6 Tips and a Great App for Introducing the Ipad to your Toddler

There’s a mountain of new technology that has come out since we were kids, and it all comes with a huge learning curve. As parents, we want to make sure our kids are experienced and familiar with electronics and computers. But we have to use common sense and safe practices so we don’t end up over doing it. Here are 6 tips for introducing the Ipad or other tablets to your toddler, and a fun app that my toddler loves!

  1. No Ipad time during family time. Whether you’re going out to dinner or eating together at home, going at the park, and other times when family should be talking or spending time with each other is not a good time to use the Ipad or smartphone. If you’re sitting at a dinner table while your toddler is glued to a screen, you’re missing out on key learning and brain growth opportunities!
  2. Have a preset time when the Ipad can be used and for how long. Don’t let your toddler decide how long they get to play. My son is allowed to use it for 20 minutes at a time and then must do something else.
  3. Use the Ipad with your child to help them learn and grow. Your participation opens up endless options and learning opportunities.
  4. Don’t give your child the Ipad when they are fussy, demanding, crying for more, or driving you crazy. Rewarding this behavior with Ipad time will only encourage more of it. Wait until your child is calm and polite before rewarding them.
  5. Always read reviews and play the apps yourself to verify their appropriateness for your child.
  6. Use a pillow, pad, or Ipad table to keep the device away from your child and not on their lap. The new tablets and smartphones get really hot and emit a good amount of radiation. Apple even says in their Iphone instruction manual to keep the phone over a half inch away from your ear when talking because of the radiation it emits!
A Great App for Babies and Toddlers is KidloLand

Toddler Ipad Time

KidloLand features a huge amount of interactive nursery rhymes, alphabet songs, games, and activities that teach numbers, shapes, days and months, and more! There really is a ton of awesome content. My toddler picked up immediately on some of the familiar songs and loves the interactive games where he can dress firefighters, drive a fire truck, and play connect the dots. I would definitely recommend this app for younger children and it’s a great way to introduce the Ipad to your child. Thanks for reading!

KidloLand for Ipad/Iphones

KidloLand from Google Play

KidloLand from Amazon Apps

KidloLand App

Just a few options from the KidloLand App.

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