Buddy Bear Weekend Coming up November 18th and 19th!

Helping children is one of the most important missions in my life.  A good friend of mine told me about a cause that is dear to his heart and how his passion is to help children who have gone through traumatic events. It really pulls on my heart strings when children have to go through adult situations and emergencies. Unfortunately this is a part of life, but there’s a way we can all help.

Buddy bear weekend is a special weekend coming this November 18th and 19th to collect Teddy Bears for emergency responders to give to children to help them cope with a traumatic event.

Buddy Bear weekend Port St. lucie

We need sponsors, donations, vendors, and all the help we can get. This local event is being held at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center and will feature a weekend of education, donations, and positivity to help as many children as we can. It’s also supported by tons of local businesses, news stations, authors, and local emergency responders. Come show your support and donate a Teddy Bear for a great cause. Here is all the links and information.

Buddy Bear Website:  www.buddybearweekend.com

Buddy Bear on Facebook (like the page):  Facebook Page

Date:  November 18th and 19th, 2016

Location:  Port St. Lucie Civic Center

Contact:  Chad Miller (Dad the Mom) 561-385-6975 Chad@dadthemom.com

Buddy Bear weekend Port St. lucie

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