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Babywearing Expert Jade Cyr

Babywearing Expert Jade Cyr at a local meet-up in Port St. Lucie

When it comes to being a parent, there are quite a few learning curves to get over. Babywearing is no different. Most of us are familiar with what it is, and a lot of parents are discouraged from it because of the learning curve and time it takes to figure out how to do it properly and comfortably. I know this first hand.

If only there was some way to try out carriers with your child before buying while an expert shows you
how to do it properly and answers all your questions at the same time…oh wait, there is! Meet Jade Cyr, Licensed Certified Babywearing Educator. This lady knows her babywearing! Jade owns Babywearing Institute South East and holds weekly meet-ups here in the Treasure Coast to help parents try and master babywearing. She helps families find carriers that work for them while supporting babies at each developmental stage. At her meet-ups she brings different wraps and carriers and allows parents to test them out with their child, something you can never do in the store! She will then show all the tricks and tips needed to do it properly and comfortably.

Babywearing in Port St. Lucie

Moms testing carriers at a meet-up in Port St. Lucie

Jade is a community organizer and educator, and her work helps parents get that special bonding and cuddle time with their children while also giving freedom and independence that may not be possible or easy otherwise. It’s a huge help, especially to parents with multiple children and a baby(God bless you)! Jade also helps families with preemies and special needs and has 7 other educators covering Palm Beach county through Brevard who also do consults and meetings. Check out the info below to follow Jade and attend her meet-ups.   

Website: www.tcbabywearing.com  (click meeting schedule)

Facebook: South East Babywearing Education

Email: Jade@tcbabywearing.com

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