Free Story Time in Martin and St. Lucie Counties

Martin and St. Lucie County Libraries offer free classes for babies, toddlers and bigger kids every week! My toddler loves going to story time where he sings songs, learns movement, reads fun stories, and plays with other children. It’s a great way to get your child learning and interacting with others! This is not a drop your child off type deal or mommy break time while your child runs free. The point of these classes is for parents to participate and interact with their children while introducing them to new and exciting things. Below are links to the local library calendar and events page for each county. Here are a few guidelines to follow for story time.

  • Please limit talking at story time, especially in big groups as it is very hard to hear the story.
  • If your kid is coughing, sneezing, fevering, and contagious, please don’t come.
  • Always interact and participate with your child as it helps them learn more.
  • Please don’t let your kid run crazy and distract other children. 
Click here to view Martin County Story Time Calendar
Click here to view St. Lucie County Story Time Calendar

If you see Miss Melanie in Martin County or Miss Alicia in St. Lucie, tell them Dad the Mom sent you!

Free Story Time in Martin and St. Lucie Counties

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