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Parents – Prepare Your Kids for Success with Real Life Lessons and Financial Knowledge.

Major Lessons For Minors and Entitle Me Not Parenting Books by Chad Miller


Purchased by the Boys and Girls Club!
Congressman Brian Mast and Author Chad Miller
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Entitle Me Not

A Guide to Raising Respectful, Hard Working, and Well-behaved Children While Avoiding Entitlement!
  • Features Real Parenting Stories About Struggle and Success!
  • How to Open Family Communication!
  • How to Teach Manners and Respect!
  • How to Effectively Discipline and Make Reward and Rule Charts!
  • Conquering the Bedtime Routine and Potty Training!
  • 5 Step War Plan For Taking Your House Back From Your Kids!
  • Shocking Entitlement Trends and Statistics!
  • 22 Detailed Lessons and Stories For Parents of Young Children and Teens!


Major Lessons For Minors on AmazonMajor Lessons For Minors on Barnes and NobleMajor Lessons For Minors on Amazon


Major Lessons For Minors

A Book of 68 Real Life Lessons and Financial Street Smarts
  • 68 Real World Lessons ALL Teens Should Know Before Graduation!
  • How to Choose College, Find a Career, and Interview like a Pro!
  • How to Build Credit, Safely Use Credit Cards, Avoid Money Traps, Junk Fees, and Bad Financial Decisions!
  • How to Buy a Car, Understand Insurance, Drive Safely, and Handle an Accident!
  • How to Rent and Buy Your Own Home, and Important Lessons on Real Estate and Realtors!
  • How to Pay Taxes, Vote and Understand Elections!
  • How to Avoid and React to Crime and Emergency Situations!


Major Lessons For Minors on AmazonMajor Lessons For Minors on Barnes and NobleMajor Lessons For Minors on Amazon

About the Author

Major Lessons For Minors author Chad MillerChad Miller (Dad the Mom) is a faith-based author, entrepreneur, stay-at-home dad, real estate investor, social media marketing coach, musician, and owner of the largest parenting blog on the Treasure Coast in South Florida, DadtheMom.com. He’s written two books which help parents and educators teach real life financial lessons and street smarts to kids, and also travels to schools to speak to teens and adults about making smart decisions.

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