Avoid This Carcinogen Found in Some Breads

Part of running a business is finding ways to cut costs and make more money. What makes me angry is when companies cut corners to save money at the expense of their customer’s health. The food industry is notorious for this and it’s all perfectly legal. As parents, we have to watch what our families consume and make sure it is safe.

Bread makers have a way to save time and money by adding potassium bromate to flour. Traditionally, bread makers allow the flour to oxidize on its own by exposing it to air over a certain period of time. This oxidation process helps strengthen the dough so it can rise. Potassium bromate is a bleaching agent and powerful oxidizer that does the same thing, but faster. Studies have shown that potassium bromate caused cancer in lab animals and could cause problems with your thyroid and ability to regulate hormones. Although it’s banned in a ton of other countries, the FDA still allows it here in the U.S. even though they recommend avoidance. Only the state of California passed a law requiring companies to disclose the use in foods. So what do you do?

Avoid This Carcinogen Found in Most Breads

Pepperidge Farm does NOT use potassium bromate in any of their breads and doesn’t cost a whole lot more than the alternatives. Look for breads and other products that say unbromated and if they don’t, assume it’s in there. Thanks for reading!   

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